Items and areas needing to be repaired:

One 2' x 6' x 1/2" plate glass.  Cost $500  

Glass is removable from bottom of boat.

6" x 36" x 1/4" plywood will need to be removed between windows on starboard side. 

Replaced, re-epoxy coat and paint.  Cost $300

Patch a few expansion cracks on bottom of hull $100

Reapply new coat of bottom paint $1000

New or used 48volt charger $150 - $450

New or used 12volt charger $50 - $150

New 12volt deep cell battery $150

Repaint hunter green topside paint. $50

Remount a few loose bow rail mounts $0

Clean interior $0

New stereo $100

For about $3,000 you could be running this boat once again and making money.