On December 29, 2020 I hit a submerged standing piling in water 20 feet deep and just 100 feet behind my house on the Withlacoochee River.  It was a surreal feeling because at first I had no idea what was holding the boat.  The flat bottom boat was pinned on this piling and the motor didn't have the power to move us.  I called my neighbor to help tow us off but before he reached us the weight of the boat was too much for the glass to hold and it broke through the forward underwater viewing panel. I never imagined grounding a boat in 20 feet of water.


We just bought the river front house 3 months prior and I was unaware of the hidden dangers.  Our cove was once a phosphate pit 100 years ago.  Apparently the mining company left behind many of these pilings before the pit was flooded to make it a cove and part of the river.   Lately, the river is way down and from our dock we can now see the tops of 10 pilings just under the surface, which are the remains of the trestle structure that elevated the mining carts along steel tracks.  We have recently seen other boaters fall overboard after hitting them and many boats get damaged.


I've completed the boat repairs but reluctant to dock it behind our house again fearing another accident.  The standing pilings are everywhere in this cove and for this reason the 'Princess Donna' will be up for sale. 


I am currently waiting for USCG Sector St. Pete to inspect and approve the repairs so that the vessel is cleared for commercial passenger use once again.  The COI is current but the inspection is required following any incident/repair.  A requirement for all USCG inspected passenger vessels. 


The new asking price with the repairs and changes is $49,000 including it's custom built tri-axle aluminum trailer.  This boat has a current USCG COI to operate with 12 passengers plus 2 crew members.  You won't find a lower priced commercial tour boat anywhere.  She's a real money maker.

Her surveyed value is $120,000 and that was prior to receiving the COI.  I have approx. $150,000 into her over the years but after capitalization deductions the asking price is $49,000 which is a sweet deal for a historical licensed commercial small passenger vessel.

If I sell the 'Princess Donna', I would then consider selling my 2nd boat and the asking price for her will be $32,000 including trailer.

Buy them both and you'll have yourself a very profitable boat tour business.


I will not waste my time entertaining tire kickers so only contact me if your a serious buyer.