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Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

We highly recommended you pay online. This way you can be sure to get the day and time booked for the tour you want.  Our booking partner charges a small fee for their service.  You can also try meet at the shuttle bus and see if we have available seats and pay exact cash only, but we can't guarantee availability.  Sorry, no bookings by phone.

Do you cancel tours due to bad weather?

Weather conditions are monitored right up to the departure time and cancellations can be made by us (due to inclement weather) up to one hour prior to departure. If we cancel the tour for any reason, you will be given a full refund or the opportunity to reschedule based on availability of a future tour.  Our boat is fully under a roof so in the event of a light Florida rain you will stay dry.


Can I get a refund or reschedule my tour after buying tickets?

We require 24-hour notice for cancellation of tickets. Passengers who fail to show for a tour reservation or cancel without 24-hour notice (e-mail or confirmed phone call) will not receive any refund because we are guaranteeing your space on the tour.  Cancellations made before 24 hours of your scheduled tour will receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued for late arrivals unless it is a medical emergency.  Send cancellation email request to oldfloridaboattour@gmail.com 


Is there a restroom on the boat?

No, there is no bathroom aboard the boat.  For your convenience restrooms are available at our shuttle pick-up location and at our dock.

Is the boat a U.S. Coast Guard inspected vessel?

Yes, it is.  We proudly hold a COI which is a certificate of inspection from the USCG for commercial passenger vessels.  The Coast Guard inspects the boat annually and the crew trains for emergencies monthly.  We are certified to carry 12 passengers max per tour and 2 crew members.  Each crew member is enrolled in the Maritime Consortium which is mandatory and random drug tests are given.  The captain holds a USCG 100-ton Masters License, lifetime FCC license and certificates in first aid.  The USCG appropriately mandates very strict rules for vessels that carry more than 6 passengers.  


Are children allowed on the tours?

Yes, children are allowed on our tours. Our tours are appropriate for guests of all ages. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Do you have discount rates for small children or seniors or free for infants?

We are required by the United States Coast Guard to count every passenger on board whether it’s a 100-year-old adult or a 10-day old baby. Even if an infant would be on a lap, we are unable to sell the seat that the infant would be purchasing because our total number of guests on board can’t go over our approved limit of 12 passengers.  We are the least expensive boat tour in the area and operational costs prohibit us from further discounts.


Will we be able to see through the glass bottom?

Even though this is Florida's Oldest Glass Bottom Boat, due to the ever-changing conditions of the water it's no guarantee.  For this reason, the glass bottom isn't the focus of our tour.  However, you won’t be disappointed with the beauty above the water and the tours real focus is a relaxing historic boat ride exploring Jug Creek. 

Will we see Dolphins and Manatees?

No guarantee when it comes to mother nature, but more times than not you will get a chance. Have your camera ready!  

Can we feed the fish to attract more to see?

Yes and no.  We have small bins of fish food for you to feed fish while at the dock and underway, but it's illegal to feed dolphins, manatees, sharks and certain other marine life in state waters.


I’m scared of the open ocean and I don’t like going fast.  Is this for me?

Our boat stays in Jug Creek during the entire tour.  The water is calm, shallow and very close to shore.  Since the boat is propelled by an electric motor our top speed is 5mph. 

No need for speed, you're on island time.  


Is the tour boat handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, due to dock heights and fluctuations caused by tidal changes, access from the dock to the boat is un-accessible at all via wheelchair. The boarding ramp or boat itself cannot accommodate a wheelchair.


How do we board and disembark the boat?

We have a custom boarding ramp with handrails that leads from the dock onto the bow of the boat, then a few steps down to your comfy cushioned seating area.  Once seated you will not be able to move about the boat.


Is there parking available nearby?

For your convenience we have a shuttle bus that picks you up and brings you back to our designated passenger pick-up and drop-off parking area.  


Where is the shuttle pickup address?

Bocilla Island Seaport 8421 Main St. Bokeelia FL 33922  AKA Bokeelia Fishing Pier


How long is the tour?

Approximately 1.5 hours from the time you’re picked up by the shuttle till we drop you back off.  We will be on the water approx. 1 hour.  Here on Pine Island we live in our own Island Time Zone.  Consider it a relaxed perception of time or approximate time. 

Are there life jackets on-board?

Per Coast Guard regulations, all tours have life jackets (PFD) for every guest on board. This includes life jackets for both adults and children. We do not have life jackets for infants. U.S. Coast Guard requires every passenger to have a properly fitted life jacket.  If you have an infant you will be required to bring your own Type-1 PFD.  The US Coast Guard does not recommend you taking infants aboard a boat.


Is smoking permitted during the tour?

No, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the boat.

Are pets allowed on the boat?

No.  We are not approved by the U.S. Coast Guard to allow boarding of any animals including service, ESA or the family pet.

What to Wear and Bring

Because we will be outdoors, visitors should dress accordingly.  Summer conditions include heat, humidity, and frequent afternoon thunderstorms, and winter morning temperatures occasionally drop into the 40s.  It's not often we see cold temps but all the windows close in the boat should temps drop for your comfort. In addition, the boat if fully covered so sun exposure is minimal.  Mosquitoes, no-see-ums, gnats can be bothersome during the summer wet season but their apart of living and visiting in SW Florida. The following recommendations are intended as suggestions only:

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Camera  

  • Insect repellent

  • Water